DGGWare is a collection of meme based micro games in the vein of WarioWare. The game centers around streamer Destiny's community and covers topics from gaming, politics, philosophy, debate, art, culture and drama.
Shovelfall is an action platformer with a fun and satisfying charge jump mechanic. Escape your heavenly imprisonment, battle those standing in your way. Dig, slash and journey from heaven through the 9 circles of Hell to reach the bottom of your destiny.
The mail has been scattered! Take on the mail route from hell, recover and deliver the mail to its rightful place! Mayhem Mail is a classic single screen arcade platformer in the vein of Donkey Kong, Bubble Bobble and Mario Bros. with some added puzzle elements.
Probo Rush is a classic, tough as nails, run and gun action shooting game all about fighting bosses. Battle against rampant machines, aliens and nature itself!
The Moon is full! Take on monsters and machines in your sleek and powerful werewolf form. Full Moon Rush is a a classic shoot 'em up bullet hell game all about fighting bosses.
Jump, dash, and shoot your way through this story-rich action 2D platformer. Together with your magical wizard companion, play as the world's cutest, fastest, most agile slug as you explore a world full of charm, humor, and endearing characters.
Miss Undefined has been whisked away by the dastardly Kill Screen. Go from Zero to Hero in this fast-paced platformer, chasing time, the high score, and eventually the Kill Screen itself. Super Mega Zero is a tight precision and puzzle platformer with shoot 'em up elements.